Sunday, February 12, 2012

Making a Change

Would I want to be Amish?
I have just read a series of books by Beverly Lewis, and I am always inspired by the simple life style of the Amish.
There is no clutter, basic living conditions, sound roles and a Godly devotion to God and each other.

Well there are some things that would not draw me there. The lack of electricity for warmth, cooking or washing, ironing  and vacuuming. The separation from men at some meals and church.

But still there are things that we could all learn from them.
The fellowship they have in canning (Bottling the grown veges and fruit), quilting and other hand crafts the woman do together.
The men helping each other out with farm chores and building.
The community worshiping and eating together, supporting those that are going through a hard time, illness or birth/death.
Because of who they are they are often closely related but also very close knit as a community so keep together.

I find when I have read stories about them, I find I want to de-clutter and get back to all that makes me a woman, wife and home maker. I long to have the time to do all these things and not be rushed. I know I can have all this without actually joining a community by making good choices at home.

After really thinking and wanting this I realised that I spend far too much time on the computer. I have recently had some surgery and been reduced in the things I could do but as I slowly recover it has given me time to rethink and start a fresh.
I prayed to have my life in order and to be who God made me to be.

I have a facebook page and in the past played many of the games available. One was EggBuddies and I was addicted to it needing to come on three times a day to play and gain eggs/points/gold coins.
Many people would make remarks about it so then I started another identity just for games. In time I was shown that I seemed to be drawn or addicted to being the winner/being on top/competing the highest level etc... but all over pixels.
I didn't go to that identity for 36 hours and I realised the desire had gone. I deleted that facebook "person" and am now feeling quite a relief that I am on a new road.

I wont be joining an Amish community but I will be doing all I can to "keep it simple".

The Amish are just waiting to become cyborgs, too?

Which brings me to the other part of this post: the Amish. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by these people. These are the true minimalists! A people living only with what they need, (considerably less than we think we need!) free from the distractions of the internet, owning very little ‘stuff’. They live in small, clutter-free houses, have wardrobes with only one type of clothing in them and don’t waste any of their time on Facebook or in front of the T.V., because they haven’t even got electricity. Minimalists for sure, cyborgs – not at all.
I’ve said it many times, jokingly… and my wife is even serious when she states: “I’m moving in with the Amish one day!” But seriously, join the Amish if you want a simple life, a minimalist life, free from the burden of consumerism, online distractions and high-tech gadgets. Where there still is time to enjoy nature. Time to see your children grow up. Time to take a long walk through the woods. True minimalist bliss.

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