Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

Here is a brief history of Mothers day I received in an e-card.

Mothering Sunday and Mother’s day are now largely interchangeable names describing a day honouring motherhood.
Mothering Sunday had its roots in the Roman festival of the ‘mother’ goddess Cybele. When Europe converted to Christianity the fourth Sunday in Lent become a time to honour the Virgin Mary and visit the ‘mother’ church.
In the 1930’s Mothering Sunday was no longer celebrated in Europe but inspiration came from the United States. Ann Jarvis worked from 1868 to create a Mother’s Friendship Day ‘to reunite families that had been divided during the Civil War’. After Ann’s death in 1903 her daughter, Anna Marie Jarvis, created Mother’s Day which, as we now celebrate it, is a special day for mothers around the world.

I have never really wanted huge expensive gifts from my family (although I like a "little" something).

To me God has given me the gift of being a mother and I see it as my role to do this beautifully raising children to know God.
I love it when on "Mother's Day" my children do all the housework and cook the meals, letting me have a day to do what I like while they learn what I do for them as a Mother.
I was given this gift on Sunday. Our youngest Katrina made me French toast with plum sauce and fried feijoa's for lunch and I watch a DVD "Keeping Mom". In the evening my son Daniel cooked tea and I read and played on the computer.
Our middle daughter Sarah and her family called around in the afternoon and it was lovely to sit and chat. I had cuddled our grand-daughter Evelyn for a long time at church and I felt so blessed with all that God has given me.

For those who are not shown the love from their children, be blessed in knowing that God sees all that you do and will reward you in His time

-> As a footnote these are the pyjamas I bought with the Sussan vouchers 

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