Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Friend Rose

I have a dear friend Rose who's hubby has been very sick and is taking a long time to recover.
He has been in hospital for over a month now and its not known if or when he will go home.
But home as he knows it will not be here in our little town as their house is just not suitable for him and Rose will struggle with all the care he will need.
She is presently staying with one of her daughters and that is where they will make their home for the time being.
How ever it is over 50 kms away through rural country so not somewhere you just visit everyday.
To help with added costs and down sizing Rose and her daughter have been having a few garage sales.
One day I called while she was home and asked if I could buy some of her cups and saucer sets not just for me but for my daughters and she willingly let me help myself and charged me a lot less than I thought so I gave her more.

After I had washed them and was sorting them out I discovered one of the cups had a crack in it.
By the stain around the crack it must have been like that for awhile and I was a little sad.
I will use the saucer and plate as everyday plates etc and I am going to use the cup in my flour.
I have many cups/mugs that have broken handles that mean something and I am reluctant to throw them out so I put them to other uses.

  • I use them for holding pens etc on my bedside table and by the computer
  • One has ties for plastic bags etc
  • I collect left of dripping to use to feed birds
  • There are some as scoops in my bulk flour containers.
I like to have some things sort of eclectic rather than just plastic containers, scoops etc and enjoy the old fashioned way of reusing things.

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