Monday, November 8, 2010

When the plans turn around

Yesterday I had great plans to get some more work done in the vegetable garden and some baking done to use up the eggs that are mounting up around here. Katrina counted 37!

But then a good friend invited Harry and I out for the afternoon to talk and go for a walk.
As Harry had wanted to get back to watch a delayed broadcast of the rugby game played earlier in the morning, (All Blacks v England - shhh don't tell him the score) we went earlier so we could get back in time.
However once we were there it was a lovely lunch with a few families and Harry was able to sit and watch a DVD recording of the match on a bigger clearer screen.
Well wasn't he happy - no adds and the All Blacks won.

But a few of us went for a walk down the farm to the river. The small peninsular on the right of this pic.

It was great to go for a walk, something I haven't done in a long time. We all chatted and laughed and made out way back at our own pace.

The paddocks we walked through were lush with spring growth. On the way I picked some of the wild grasses and flowers growing and was surprised at how awesome even the weeds are.

God even takes care of what we call weeds that for others would be a blessing in their parched fields.

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