Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Kiwi Christmas

A farming family just south of Tirau, who some of their children went to school with ours, have started a tradition to make a Christmas display in one of their paddocks that boards SH1. Its only there for about a week so you have to be quick to remember it will come and be armed with a camera when you pass.

I waited this year for the show and sure enough the Monday before Christmas there is was.

This years was further back in the paddock so not quite as easy to photograph but it was titled "A Kiwi Christmas". At first I wasn't quite sure what it was all about but as I took my photos (with the sun in the wrong direction unfortunately) I could see the story start to emerge.

Well this is my view...

Santa has flown in on his sleigh to visit New Zealand homes.

Unfortunately, somehow his navigational device was not working well and his height and distance for landing not programmed correctly (or the local farmer had shifted the hay bales).
So while trying to navigate fences, trees, and out buildings the reindeer have collided into a stack of bales.

But being a 'safety first' kind of Santa he is prepared with his flying helmet and colour co-ordinated parachute which he has time to release before crashing into the field.

Being the night before (or one or two days before) Christmas, Santa is in a hurry, and all turns to custard when instead of checking all possibilities, and perhaps because of his lack of experience of fences etc not covered in snow, landing safely with all dignity attached is made embarrassingly worse as all his parachute is caught up in a tree.

And what appears to be even worse is he may have impaled himself on a fence post.

However not to worry as he managed to rescue his bag of gifts for those nice children who were on his list, that he checked twice and I believe they all received their gifts on time.

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