Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A New Year - 2015

I'm not one to make resolutions but I do take the time of the roll over from one year to the next, to re-evaluate my life; what I do, what I don't do, what is important and what isn't - all of which often needs pulling back into line to be what I feel, as who I want to be. I look at my achievements and the things that hindered me in not reaching my full potential in other areas. I give thanks to God for bringing me this far in my life and look in hope for the next year and what will be in store.

Deep down I long to live like the Amish - I know "Why?", because they have a simple way of life and focus so much on family and friends and are driven by what God calls them to do. They are guided by God's ways and the seasons with their whole way of life. Now seriously would that be nice? Well I think so.

I took the above picture on New Year's day this year. It's of our front lawn where the big silk tree flourishes and gives shade in the hot summer months. Yes, it is over grown and the grass needs mowing and vehicles need getting rid of (one of seven is behind the tree!), but there is a sense of rest, of slowing down and not preforming as the world expects. Sure it looks even more pleasant when the lawn is mowed but like it is in this pic it is green and lush having been able to just grow.

I have been so tired this year with no known reason (the doctor is probably sick of seeing me enter his rooms) and like the above scene I am going to rest and not rush. So for me this year I will refocus on who I am in God and becoming more of the person He wants me to be in my calling - a wife, a Mother, a Nana, a friend and a worker within His church.

No resolutions but yes some goals and new standards for me to keep.

Keep checking in to see the year unfold

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