Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ear Flap Hat

The Ear flap hat or...


Aviator hat or bomber hat,


or what ever you want to call them, they have certainly come back in vogue.

Do you have a pinterest account?
Its an on-line scrapbook that you can use for all those inks and pictures you want to just save for another day.
One of my "boards" was created by Jennifer and its titled "Things I want my Mun to Make" and all my daughters (well you can too if you like Daniel) can post on it.
So they do!

One of the requests from Theresa was a little hat with flaps for Kate.

Now its good to be able to see what they want and it gives me some tasks to complete but sometimes the pictures link to a website with a free pattern and other times they don't.

But having been a bit of a "collectamaniac" (my word) of patterns over the years I can often find one that I can use or adapt.
Darling Kate

However in this instance there was a pattern so I was able to just print it off.

Interestingly enough though on reading the pattern and following the instructions I see "Ali" calls what I know as a treble crochet, a double crochet, and what I call a double crochet she calls a single crochet.

Once I had worked this out and a few other things I found a little different I was able to follow and create an 'earflap' beanie in pink! - shudder shudder - Theresa doesn't like pink, but then the hat wasn't for her.

And whats more it needed so little wool I was able to use the end of balls of wool I have kept from left over garments I have made over the years. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn which I later discovered was 10ply or triple knit but I used double knit (8ply) so it meant it was a little smaller and slightly bigger gaps between the stitches. With crochet though it makes a thick "fabric" so it will still be a warm hat.

So all in all it was a very easy, free to make item that only took two evenings in front of the TV to complete.

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