Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Other Recipes

As its been a cold snap the last few days and we have even had the fire going, I thought I would sit in the sun a little and read with a good book. Of course I always like to have a warm cuppa with a bite to eat.

I made this nutty chocolate slice for Easter and the recipe can be found here on my other blog My Julie/Julia Attempt. It is also on the Countdown website.

The other blog has not been as successful as I had hoped but I keep adding to it. It started after I had read the book Julie Julia and then seen the film. I want to do something the same so thought I would attack my large plastic bag of 'saved' recipes I have collected over the years - and yes I mean years.

This recipe was very recent and I thought I would just try it straight away before it got thrust into the bag along with all the others. This way it can just be discarded now I have tried it.

And as for the cold - well its been snowing in the South Island and very cold here, just a gentle nudge ( or maybe a kick up the backside!) to get the firewood in for the winter before it is all to late.

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