Monday, June 21, 2010

Feijoa Muffins – The Best

I am sitting having cup of coffee and a feijoa muffin. It is one from Alison Holst’s muffin books but as usual I have changed it slightly to suit our tastes.

75gr butter
1 packed cup chopped feijoas
2 Large eggs
Finely grated rind of 1 orange
1/3 cup of orange juice
¾ cup sugar
2 cups self raising flour

Cinnamon topping
1 tsp cinnamon
1 TBSP brown sugar

Pre heat oven to 210ºC Heat the butter until it is liquid.
Peel and chop or half and scoop out, the flesh of feijoas and chop into 1 cm square, pieces.
Add to the melted butter along with the eggs and beat in with the orange rind and juice, with a fork.
Toss sugar and flour in a bowl and add the liquids. If still too dry add a little extra juice. (I use drinking juice if there is not enough from the orange)
Spoon into 12 medium muffin tins sprayed or greased. (I use margarine on a kitchen paper towel)
Mix the cinnamon and sugar together and sprinkle on top (I keep this topping in a container and use it for lots of things.)
Bake at 210ºC for 10 -15 minutes.


  1. Hi Fiona
    Fancy finding you here today!
    My daughter Lara is coming home from London for a fortnight and specifically mentioned feijoas so I googled feijoa muffins and look where it led me! What a busy time you are having online - good on you. I have such fond memories of my time at Tirau Primary and was in many ways sad to leave. But move on we must. Lovely to read the odd thing about Katrina too - where is she now??

  2. Hi Fiona Thank you for posting this recipe, I followed your version except I didn't have the orange rind, they turned out perfectly! They were moreish, perfect thing to bake on a wet Easter Monday in the Waikato, thanks Sarah

  3. Glad you ladies have enjoyed them.

  4. Hi Fiona,
    What a lovely website you have and that beautiful melody!!!!!
    I live in Melbourne, am a Christian, mother of two, grandmother of four,and have many things that I love to do. Cooking is one of them and as I bought some Feijoas today, I Googled for a Feijoa recipe and found yours! I just LOVE muffins and will try them tomorrow - our weather here has gone straight into winter and we even had snow on the Dandenong Ranges yesterday, so great for cooking.
    Don't know if you have ever heard the CD "Revival In Belfast" (Robin Mark and his music)? If you can get hold of it, have a listen - I just love it and there are some really uplifting worship songs, including "Jesus, All For Jesus" which will have you in tears of love.
    God bless you and Shalom, dear sister in the Lord.
    AEnone McRae-Clift.

  5. Hi AEnone Thank you for your comments
    I have heard the CD Revival in Belfast. One of the men on sound at our church will often play pieces during parts and before and after the services.
    Hope you are keeping nice and warm. We are getting our firewood in for the winter.
    Blessings to you to

  6. Hello Ladies,

    I was just looking for feijoa recipes and came across this website. The muffin recipe looks great, Thank you.... But more; thank you, Lord, for leading me to this website with Christian ladies comments. I really needed a hug this evening...and I get a lovely song (Rise up) reminding me of His love.

    May God bless you, ladies; and if you have never heard the music of "Monica Joy", I suggest you have a listen ...beautiful. (She's a Canadian Christian Singer)

    Sending prayers of peace, and asking for prayer to de-stress and recover from depression.

    Lisa in Auckland

  7. Lisa May you know that God holds you in His hands and will carry you through this. You will get through just give yourself time.
    Have a look at this
    and this
    Bless you.