Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Abundance of Feijoas - Poached Feijoas

When we first bought this section there were four feijoa trees down by the roadside fence.
Come May each year the grass below them would be a carpet of fallen feijoas and we would give them away by the supermarket bag fill. I would just leave them on peoples doorsteps, and even then there seemed to be too many.
A few years ago we cut two down and we still get a bumper crop that I find a challenge to deal with. Ours are not large fruit like some but they are just as nice.
The trees flower at Christmas time and they look similar to the New Zealand Christmas tree - The Pohutukawa.

The fruit is ripe when it falls from the tree and if you don't keep up with the daily gathering you end up with it looking like this!

Over the years I have collected many recipes to use them up and have even started inventing my own.
Tonight for desert we had one of these. A very simple desert of poached feijoas in orange juice.

Poached Feijoas 

Peel and slice feijoas lengthwise. Cover the base of a non-stick pan and pour enough orange juice (I use bottled orange drinking juice) to half cover the fruit - about 1 cm deep.
Sprinkle with a little sugar - about a heaped teaspoon.
Poach on a low heat stirring occasionally until the juice has thickened and almost evaporated and it looks like a syrup. Cool slightly and serve over vanilla ice cream. If you have it, grate a little dark chocolate over the top
I make enough for two nights and reheat the feijoas in the microwave.


  1. I'd never heard of them till you spoke of them before. I still wonder what they would taste like. They look similar to figs but not as 'seedy'. Can we get them here in Aus, I wonder? Can you make jam with them?

  2. They are like the Pineapple guava fruit.
    Check this out