Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Loving Him

I have just read the book Loving Him by Kate O'Riordan and what an interesting twist. I thought it was going to be a romance like others I have read but the ending caught me by surprise.

Connie and Matt Wilson, once childhood sweethearts, have worked hard to achieve their dreams - their lovely London home, their three beloved sons and a stable, trusting marriage.
When they go to Rome for a romantic weekend break, they have a wonderful time exploring, eating, drinking and making love. On their last day, Matt announces to Connie that he is not coming back to England with her. She returns to London - and their three boys - alone.
LOVING HIM is the story of what happens when the love of your life bumps into the love of his life… the one before you, the one he never really got over. It describes the consequences of a random, chance encounter and how it can set off a chain of events that turns a woman's existence from banal, but blissful, domesticity to dangerous obsession.
Kate O'Riordan has fashioned a tightly weaved, intense and dramatically paced tale of a family, a marriage and how you can never quite escape the power of the past.

It is full of descriptions of the thoughts of the different characters which gives a good insight in to them. I enjoyed this book and am now keen to read some of Kate's others to see what they are like.

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