Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just like Great Grandpa

My mother cleared out all her bags of wool a few years ago now.
She used to buy a whole bag of unopened wool and knit, especially woollen jumpers for my Dad. (see in the pic in the post below). But as the years have gone by she has stopped knitting but still had  bags of wool. My mum is not one to walk past a "bargain". So when she was ready to give them away I asked if I could have them.
So I now have bags of unopened balls of wool but with grandchildren now I have plenty of projects to knit.
This is the latest. A little V necked jumper with a cable pattern up each side. Just like Great Grandpa wears. Even the pattern I used was old
- Fontana Raglan Pullovers No.344
3ply, 4ply and 6ply for 45-55cm.
However like a lot of things I do I have changed it slightly. I shifted the cables over by putting a panel of stocking stitch up the middle to separate the cables a bit.
The colour hasn't come out very well either as it is a lovely almost teal blue.

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