Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Belated Birthday

Yesterday evening when I was off to bed Harry came down and asked
"Are you expecting any mail?"
"No", I replied.
"Well this has arrived. Some one has just walked up the front steps and left it at the door"

Looking at the parcel, it was addressed to me but to our old address across the road.
It was from my sister and in it were four wonderfully wrapped gifts.

When you receive gifts wrapped like that, you almost don't want to unwrap them as they look so pretty. But me being me I just had to there and then, Imean the card was not a Christmas card.
What a lovely selection of things just for me that I just love.

Some silicone cup-cake cases, chocolates, Susan Boyles Christmas CD, "the Gift" and a magnetic shopping list.
And the card told of how she knew it was late but really I didn't care it was just so nice to be remembered and that in her busy life she had sent me some lovely things.

Thank you Ailsa you special sister

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  1. I agree - it's never too late for gifts :-) They are lovely Fiona. I have Susan Boyle's first album and I love it.