Monday, December 6, 2010

A New Rose

I have bought a new rose and it is planted down the driveway garden.
A lot of my roses are bought for a reason, with a story that goes with them.
It's a beautiful yellow and I bought it to remind me of Moeder (Aleida Van Lent).
We had yellow roses in the casket bouquet and even the name seems fitting.

The casket being carried to the plot at the cemetery.
Father Jim in the white sun cap, the Funeral director.
Jjust behind him walking on the far side is
Richard Van Lent,
Daniel Van Lent is carrying the casket front left,
Nic Van Lent, front right.
Tracey Van Lent is centre left (Nic's sister, you can just see her face in front of Nic in the photo),
Theresa Van Lent is centre right.
Andrew Smith is carrying rear left and his younger brother
Anthony Smith is rear right.
Christopher Van Lent is walking to the right in an opposite position to his brother Richard on the far side.

Arriving to where Henk her beloved Husband lies.

Harry can be seen with his arms folded between the funeral director and Nic.
Paul the youngest of the siblings is in the blue shirt and dark glasses, second from the left facing the graveside.

Chris the eldest grandson.

Rose Marie the only sister is in the yellow with Grant her partner (obscured). Tracey Van Lent with her hands clasped in front and Andrew (Rosie's eldest) behind her

And the beautiful spray for the casket is to the right with the bright happy yellow roses.
In fact the whole spray is a reminder of the flowers Moeder often had in vases around their home.

Prayers for the Family

Prayer for Mum

We thank you loving Father for taking Mum (Aleida)
from sickness into health and from suffering into joy.
We lift up our hearts in thanksgiving for her life;
for all that she was to us,
and everything in her life that reflected your goodness and love.

“Lord Hear our Prayer”

Prayer for Dad

We thank you Father for Dad (Henk) whom we love but see no longer.
We rejoice in your promises of blessing to those who die in the Lord,
so know Your light shines upon him.

“Lord Hear our Prayer”

Prayer for the Family

For us as family we ask that You strengthened us by Your continuing presence.
Set our hearts at rest and banish our fears.
Surround us with your continuing compassion
that we too may share with her, Your gift of eternal life.
through Jesus Christ Your Son.

“Lord Hear our Prayer”

Prayer for the Family

We thank You for the commitment from those who cared for Mum,
especially in the last few years.
We ask that you bless them mightily for their loving compassion and friendship.

“Lord Hear our Prayer”

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