Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I heard the sirens a couple of times before I remembered what they were for.

Every Year Santa comes around our town giving out ice blocks and lollies to the local children.

Ever since we arrived here over 25 years ago our children have waited at the gate once they heard the sirens for their treat.

This year was the first time there was no one in our house hanging out to meet him.
Even the last few years Daniel would greet Santa’s helper with a water pistol so as to get to Santa first as the clown had his own and would readily use it.


The sound of the sirens has the added sound of Christmas songs, as the gaily decorated fire engine, from the local Volunteer Fire Brigade, approaches your home.

Santa, his helper the fairy and clown, walk the street and a ‘fireman’ hands out the ice blocks.The fairy has a basket of lollies to give one "for the other hand".

Out side our house they even honked the horn but Katrina had already told me, when I woke her to get dressed to receive her treat, that she didn’t need to see Santa.

My last baby had grown up. 

OK she is sixteen but I realised it was now time to make sure the Grandchildren come to play the day the Tirau Fire Brigade give back to the community.

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  1. Yes they grow up too quickly. Now you can enjoy the grandkids.
    We used to have Santa come around on the back of a ute but now we have moved here and we don't see that happening anymore.
    Easter time the fire brigade would come around collecting for the childrens hospital. I would save my change all year in a tin and they would get that. One year I made them open it in front of me and count it up. There was a considerable sum in there and they were very pleased. All for a good cause. Maa.