Monday, June 27, 2011

How to feel sexy with no-one else knowing

Have gorgeous matching underwear. Why wouldn’t you?

We have just been shopping for some new items for Katrina, my youngest, who will list underwear shopping as one of her favourite pass times. Mind you, she struggles a bit when some women have brought in their husbands/partners but it doesn’t take long for the men to get bored and leave.

There is something about wearing a new set of bra and matching briefs and the prettier the better. Just like my Christian faith - it has to start with a solid foundation - so the way you dress needs to start with a good “foundation” of fitting comfortable underwear. Don’t be embarrassed if it seems too lacy or even see-threw, because it is only you (and your husband) who is going to see it. But you are going to know and this is what makes you feel sexy and able to “charm the pants off ‘em” if you will pardon the expression.

We are lucky here in Tirau as there is a Bendon outlet and every now and again they have special’s like all bras under $20 and brief’s under $10. Although you may not be able to always get your size there is plenty to choose from and they will organise getting an item in if it can be sourced at another outlet.

I love to wear lacy comfortable bras that are underwired and padded. My briefs are boy leg style if I can get them as there is no uncomfortable ride up at the back and they fit over my tummy.

Always – every time – get yourself fitted for the bra you want. Your body shape changes all the time, as do bra styles and makes. What fitted you two years ago may well not now and a style/size in one brand maybe different in another.

At the Bendon shop and most places that sell large quantities of bras there will be someone trained to measure you as discretely as possible. They will also check the bra once it is on and maybe recommend a different style for you shape.

The bra size in numbers is the measurement around your chest just under your breasts. The letter is the cup size. Sometimes a 36C may well be a better fit than a 34D but the “fitter” will be able to tell you that.

When putting on a bra lean into it or as Trinny and Susannah say “Droop and scoop”. And don’t forget to ‘arrange’ yourself in it once it is done up. Always buy it with the hooks at the largest setting so that as it stretches slightly you can tighten it.

And so why not add a couple of matching briefs. Some bras will often have two different styles of matching brief if you (like me) don’t like a G-string. Make sure you get the right size in these too. You know you may not be a size small anymore and you will be pleasantly surprised when the medium doesn’t show the fat rolls around the waist band through you trousers. And who is going to know what size they are, unless they do your washing!

So go on… go out and treat yourself.

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