Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being with Theresa

I have just spent three and a half days in Wellington with my eldest daughter Theresa.
It was a beautiful time of just being together and doing some looking for a wedding gown.
Theresa totally spoiled me with surprises and just doing everything for me so I could rest and be pampered.

I flew from Hamilton to Wellington on Wednesday after getting some "grab a seats" at $58 both ways.
Its been so long since I last flew anywhere it was a treat in itself.

Once we had collected my luggage we went for a drive for lunch and found a place that was called the Parade Cafe.

It used to be on Oriental Parade (across the road from where it is now) in a building that was demolished for the building of apartments and now the cafe has kept its name but is in an old tug boat moored in Freyberg Lagoon on Oriental Parade. It still rocks in the ripples of the harbour as you are eating! But it is a sheltered spot so not too much to make you seasick.

I had a lovely bowl of pumpkin soup and toast followed by a flat white, something to warm the soul after a bumpy trip down.

We then filled in some time by going for a drive up Mount Victoria and despite the cold wind we were able to view the airport, Wellington City, the harbour and the apartment.

It seemed strange that in all the12 odd years I lived in Wellington itself, I had never been up there.
Wellington Airport

Wellington City (Southern end)
Wellington harbour and northern city

The apartment - second building to the left of the red roofed Embassy Theatre

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your daugter Fiona. It was nice for you to have time together.