Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm Here!

Its been quite awhile since I last blogged. Lots of things have been going on in my life from surgery, getting back into the new year of things, preserving, more responsibilities at work and just finding time for me.
I will make some blog entries of some of the things to keep you up to date.

Today is a day for just me and I have pottering around after a nice sleep in, my usual Saturday chat to my parents and a walk in the wind to blow the cobwebs away.

Yesterday was a busy day with a funeral, that as our Church's office manager I have to administer at and I always find them emotionally draining. You have to have compassion towards the people but not be an emotional mess.

So today as I pottered around outside with the hens I found two more dead mice to add to the two I had caught the other day.

We keep the hens mash, laying pellets and wheat in the back of an old Isuzu of Harry's along with fresh bedding material for their nesting box.
Of course the mice think this is heaven all laid out for them but we had had enough of the feed for the chooks being laced with mouse droppings so we set two traps.

The interesting thing is that the hens think they are delicious and squabble over the dead mice when I toss them to the ground. The ultimate revenge one would think.

I have noticed that when a hen has had a feed of mouse the shells of the eggs are a lovely brown colour the next day.

We hadn't had any eggs over the last week which was beginning to get me thinking.

We let our hens run free but unfortunately they often like to make their own nests so I can't grab their eggs.
The last place they had chosen wasn't being used but I knew at least one of them was laying. I had shut them in last night because of a threatening storm and there in the proper nesting box this morning, was an egg! Evidence that at least one of them was laying somewhere.

So off I ventured looking for a new secret nest.
I didn't have to go far because there in the corner of the garden by my kitchen window was an open nest with five eggs.
Thank you very much chookies, they will do me quite nicely.

Now to make something deliciously home made with them.


  1. Nice surprise to find the eggs in the garden. Good thing you caught those pesky mice too. Susan.

  2. Hi Sue, Up to five from the traps now, wonder how many there will be in total