Monday, August 5, 2013

Apple Fascinators

Earlier this year I helped out a good friend, Sheryn, with the NZ Tree Croppers Association annual conference. I actually ended up being the "House Mum" for all those who stayed at the accommodation we organised. It was held by the Waikato branch in Hamilton and had an apple theme. Titled "Grow Your Own" those who were part of the organizing team on the days of the conference wanted to be identifiable from other participants so ideas went around as to how this could be done.

Caps with apples or hats were suggested and someone came up with the idea of an arrow through an apple.
I took on the task of creating something that could be worn and seen from maybe the other side of the room and the idea of a fascinator 'grew' in my imagination.

I found some plastic apples at a few $2 shops and I bought some feathers and pipe cleaners. We printed off some 'leaves' with the G Y O letters and 'Waikato' that was part of the logo for this years conference to make them unique for the conference.

With bits of ribbon, paper, plastic net and the things I had bought, I set to work with a glue gun creating a small production line of fascinators with the help of Sheryn. We made 8 in the end and it took until late that night - the night before the conference started.

They may not have looked like much sitting along the counter...

But once worn they seemed to take on their appeal.
Some had combs to slip into your hair while others had hat elastic so they could be worn anywhere on the head really.

In fact I only ended up with one of them to take home by the end of the conference.

Once person had even wanted to buy them!

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