Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surprise Visit

For the summer holidays we were going to trip around the East Coast of New Zealand but unfortunately the days we had planned were going to end up rather wet for camping so we decided to head to Wellington, a 460 kilometer trip.

We hadn't told anyone (although I did check with my parents on the morning that it would be alright to stay at their place) and as a surprise we decided to call on our eldest daughter Theresa and her partner Steven at tea time and ask them what's for dinner.

Well with things needed doing before we left we weren't on the road until after 12 (mid-day) and with the speed restrictions tight for the summer break it was a slow trip.

Most of the time it drizzled too so one had to be careful. We made it to Wellington by 7.45pm and I rung Theresa from outside their apartment.
In Theresa's apartment - sorry a bit blurry

She was suitable surprised/shocked and let us park in their parking spot in the building.

She took a pic - us sitting on a couch resting up - and sent it to her sisters as none of them knew we had headed this way.

Fortunately they did have enough for tea and we had a special time just being together, organizing what we were going to do over the next couple of days, sharing and enjoying each others company.

We then headed up to my brother and sister-in-laws place for a well earned nights sleep. We had rung them to get details of staying at my parents and they just invited us to stay at theirs which is always lovely.

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