Saturday, July 26, 2014

A New Creation.

With all the baby clothes I have knitted over the last few years I am beginning to build up a few end of balls in different colours.
I am never quite sure what to do with these and have used some to make crochet squares to make into blankets. I have also made knitted soft toys, but I found a use for a few of the softer shades.

Our latest grand child is a girl, Kate, but her mother isn't that keen on pink so we are not allowed to give her pink things.
Well I don't think that is fair as a girl is a girl and if she wants pink then you have to let her, surely.

Well I found a way to get a little pink into her clothes ;)

Using a pattern for a yoke necked jacket from Cleckheaton No. 425 Little Babies - volume 2, I knitted a basically white jacket with some colour added in with a Fair Ilse yoke and border.

I used left over pink and green wool and the white in the pattern was a different shade to the main garment and this way I used up nearly four end of balls.

I just made up the pattern as I went along depending on how much of each colour I had left as the garment was nearing completion.

This jacket is commenced at the neck for the circular yoke. You divide for the sleeves and the fronts and backs are then joined and knitted so the only seams are down the sleeve.

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