Friday, September 5, 2014

RIP Charlotte

Charlotte would have been 14 years old in November this year - a part of our family for 13 and a half. She was always considered 'My' dog but was really the family pet.

He have had and at times breed, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since we were married 36 years ago.

Our first dog "Jones" was a cross with a King Charles and something else. Family friends were looking after a female pure breed King Charles for people while they were overseas and unfortunately she got out when she was really looking for a mate! hence along came "Jones" and a couple of others. Jones looked so much like her mum that I fell in love with the breed and we have had them ever since. Some have been the "Tri colour" (black and white with a little brown) but mostly the "Blenheim" the brown and white as Charlotte.

Charlotte has lived the longest out of all of our dog pets. A few of them have been killed by being run over by vehicles as the have no road sense. One had cancer but Charlotte really lasted into old age dieing really of a poor heart.

She had been off her food and really unable to even walk for the last five days. We had to carry her outside and hold her up while she relieved herself. In the end we decided to take her to the vet.

Sadly her heart was so slow that even the extremities were cold and the thermometer couldn't give a reading. Because she was hardly eating (even turning down a whipped egg) she was also nearly skin and bone.

The vet kindly suggested it was best to have her put to sleep as she would really only last a little longer and it may be traumatic for her.

I agreed with him and stroked her little head as she quickly passed away almost before he had even started the injection. Even the vet was surprised at how little he had to give her and had to check she really had passed away before he stopped giving her the injection.

With tears streaming down I bought her home and lay her on the floor on her blanket.

I just wanted to have time to let her go and also for our cat to sense she was gone. Her reaction was to just lie right near her even as if she wouldn't even acknowledge that she was no longer alive.

The follow day we buried her under our big 'silk tree' in the middle of the lawn.

Harry dug the hole while I watched.

I was quite amazed at how cut up I was over her death..

She was wrapped in her pink blanket with her toy kangaroo and safely buried and I planted some bulbs over her grave.

I know for some she will just be a dog but for us she was part of the family. Even now a good few months later I miss her not cleaning up the bones after we have had chops or the bits that fall on the floor in the kitchen while I am cooking. She was always there when I came home from work and would come for some gentle walks with me. Although she was still slow she would be keen and would always hold the folded up leash in her jaw for the last little bit before and up the driveway.

I am still feeling a little weeping posting these pics!!!

Although we have always had a dog or two we feel it is time to have a bit more freedom to travel around with out having to find a place for her to stay.

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  1. Oh Fiona, I am so sorry you have lost your fur baby. I have tears in my eyes as I read your post. I'm sending you a big hug across the ocean. Thinking of you. Hugs Sue x