Saturday, October 25, 2014

So What Can I Say?

I have been so absent of late. I haven't been doing any of the things I enjoy...
walking and even...


I haven't really got any excuses but I know the cause...
Facebook and games!

I have realized I have to take up the challenge of turning things around so I can get on with the things I miss.

I was looking through some of the things I had pinned on Pinterest and I had to laugh at point 6 of this "How to creatively manage your time".

Now I know for me that means games and silly TV programmes. I have been through this before and the funny thing is one of the games I have been playing again is not letting me do things for some reason and I can't help but think this is from God. Because of the frustration I am not bothering with it at the moment.

So today, Saturday (the first day of New Zealand's Labour Weekend) Harry and I have been out in the yard mowing, weeding and trimming to our hearts content.
Watching the place look nice again is a joy in itself.
It just excites me even more to get on with the other things I have just let go.

So here's to a productive time in all areas.

This was a rest time for lunch

And I might just add....
Oh to be as skinny as he...!

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