Monday, November 17, 2014

A Little Black Vest

Jennifer has started a board on Pinterest titled:

Things I'd like my Mum to make :)

that her and Sarah have added to. I check it out and have started making some of the items; quite handy if I am just feeling like knitting, crocheting or sewing and not sure what to do.

This is a child's v-necked vest but she wanted it in black for her dear son to wear next winter with a good shirt for things like church. She ideally wanted it in four ply but I couldn't seem to find it in black, but I had some double knit in an acrylic that would mean easy washing so we decided on that.

I had an old English Woman's Weekly pattern I used. I used to get the magazine every week for a few years and when I had finished and before I threw them out I would rip out patterns, recipes and other articles I was interested in and have them saved in clear-files that the girls often look through for items they would like me to make.

I actually don't like knitting in black as for some reason it is very hard on the eyes especially when looking for errors. Must be because the contrast between shadow and the colour (if you can call black a colour) is the same. But it didn't take long and I was reasonably happy with the result.

Of course it was too big for Jacob at the moment but it will do good for next year. When he tried it on he sort of mentioned it was a bit big but then proceeded to just wear it. We told him it wasn't really for him just yet. That way we managed to get it off him and put away before he ate food in it!

Now on to the next garment.

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