Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Women and Stress: Practical Ways to Manage Tension

Women and Stress: Practical Ways to Manage Tension is written by Jean Lush, with Pam Vredevelt updating it a bit so it is now repackaged to reach a new generation of stressed-out readers. Women and Stress continues its important role in stress management in our high-stress times.

Jean Lush (1914-1996) was also coauthor of Mothers and Sons and the bestselling Emotional Phases of a Women's Life. Jean was well-known for her radio and television outreach.

Pam Vredevelt
Pam Vredevelt is a bestselling author, popular conference speaker, and licensed professional counselor at NW Counseling Services in Gresham, Oregon. She is coauthor of Mothers and Sons and Surviving the Secret.

Women and Stress is a classic, time-tested handbook for any woman dealing with stress.

Everyone must manage tension and stress; from balancing work and family to cultivating relationships and dealing with personal issues. But how we do it can determine the quality of our lives.

In this book, Jean and Pam point out causes of tension and stress and how we typically respond to these. They then conclude by showing you how to deal with stress that is unique to women in healthy, productive ways. They examine troublesome emotions and show how to manage tension with practical, tried-and-true methods gained from research, personal experience, and enlightening case studies.

This helpful book offers you reassuring advice for handling common sources of stress and their manifestations, such as
• fear
• mood swings
• jealousy and anger
• perfectionism
• unmet needs
• and more

It's no secret that we live in high-stress times. Women and Stress is a proven resource to help you not only cope but rise above the chaos to a peaceful, balanced life.

I found this book a reminder to me on keeping time for me and guarding this time, so no-one or anything can steal it away. It also reminded me to fit in the things I love to do and not think of them as luxuries or guilty escapes but as 'tools' to help me relax and have a stress-free life.

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