Saturday, May 2, 2015

So Long Snow White

I was working in the garden and come across a white feather from the chooks.
But this isn't just any old feather, it is one from Snow White. I was going to take a pic but I could hear my children saying “Oh Mum…” so I didn’t.

Unfortunately Snow White is no longer with us. She had been ailing for a little while now and couldn't walk or stand. We brought her inside for a few of the cooler nights and left her squatting by the water trough while we were out during the day but one night she passed away.

We have had her for some time now and arrived back in May 2010 with two other hens from a family who were relocating to the south Island and could not take them with them.

We have had hens ever since we ‘inherited’ Harry’s parents’ hens back in 1998. The four shavers we got laid well and then we just kept being given peoples hens that were either needing homes because they were moving, overcrowding or just not getting on with the rest of the broods.

Snow White was never much of a layer we soon discovered, but she would scratch at the weeds in the garden and help with fertilising it so we kept her on. Now she is buried in the old vegie path and will give her ‘all’ to fertilising deep in the depths as she slowing wastes away.

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