Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday - HBH

Mondays are my home blessing hour (HBH).

“What?” you ask.

Let me take you back to 2006. Our third daughter was getting married in the following January and we were blessed by some carpet from a family who were having their house re-carpeted but there was still plenty of life in the old carpet. Harry decided he would lay the carpet and underlay himself but as he was working that meant it would take a while. We moved all the furniture into the non-carpeted rooms and we had to live, work and prepare for a wedding around it.

At first I had thought it would be great to have the newer carpet especially for the wedding but once the place seemed to be tipped up-side-down I was a bit anxious – well probably 'a lot.'

At that time I also used to get a monthly magazine printed in Australia caked Notebook: Ideas for Living. They had an article that talked about a website with help in being organised, have good self-esteem and generally promoted well-being for women.
The magazine also had a forum that I was part of and quite a few of the women had started using this system and found it really great, so out of curiosity I investigated. The system is called Fly Lady – Finally Loving Yourself and is full of ideas, systems and encouragement started by a Christian woman in America called Marla Cilley 

I started the programme with the first steps she takes you through to put routines in place and I found through all the upheaval I found peace and order. She has many catch phrases and routines one of them being the Home Blessing Hour. Over time I have changed and adapted the systems to suit me and don’t receive the 10 or so emails a day but I certainly found her a huge benefit.

So Mondays I do a quick overall clean
  • Change sheets 
  • Clean mirrors and glass doors 
  • Wipe down bathroom and toilet fixtures 
  • Dust furniture with a feather duster 
  • Clean around the fireplace and burn rubbish 
  • Vacuum ‘centers’ of rooms 
  • Mop
This actually takes a bit longer than an hour but I certainly go as quick as I can knowing it’s just a general tidy up type clean. Deeper more detailed and thorough cleaning is done in a different way (By this system) throughout the year.

So I went to work this  morning and had a busy day but not getting a lot done. I had phone calls and visitors - more so than I would have (one lady arriving just after 12.15pm and talking for over half an hour) so I just closed up leaving the place in a bit of a mess to carry on tomorrow. I work from 9.30am to 12 and most days I'm there until 12.30pm, but it’s just for finishing off.

Once I had delivered and posted the church newsletter around town to folk who hadn't been at church this week, after work, I got home to find Harry mowing the lawns. I hung the small load of washing thinking the day seemed fine after all, but - no - it soon started to drizzle but I did manage to get it mainly dry.

(Do you really want to know all this Sue?)

Yes those are our chooks following Harry around as he mows. As soon as he starts the mower if they are out they will follow behind pecking at the exposed bugs etc in the lawn.

I spent the next hour or so focusing on the HBH and as usual it took slightly longer than an hour.

I have managed to get it completed in an hour but I think I get distracted a bit and of course Harry wanted conversation between it all. And we had a cuppa while he watches "Tipping Point"

I harvested more vegetables from the garden and fruit from trees around the front yard for tea and to collect before the winds are due tomorrow. Cyclone Gita is passing over New Zealand over the next few days and although I don't expect we will badly affected here in the Waikato like other parts of New Zealand I do suspect we will get some strong winds and heavy rain.

I gathered all the fallen peaches from under the tree and later cooked them up topping them with some tiny meringues we got in a Christmas gift box to make a little pudding. I had roasted the chicken pieces, the potatoes and zucchini hunks for tea and popped the meringue topped peaches in the oven to warm through as it cooled down. I would have liked some whipped cream to go with it but instead we had some peaches and cream ice cream which complimented it nicely.

And the sunset – nope not today.
It’s raining.

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