Sunday, November 1, 2009

When Enough is Enough

I slept in this morning but still managed to get to church on time.

The vicar challenged us to consider how rich we are in the blessings we already have and to see it as enough. He then asked when is enough enough and how long will we keep striving for more - shifting the goal posts and never being satisfied. It made me think of one of the reasons why I started this blog.

My husband has suffered from depression due to a sub-arachnoid aneurysm (brain haemorrhage) 25 years ago and over the last ten years he has attempter suicide on three occasions and considered it another three, so we have had our income halved, tried to live on the sickness benefit and ACC on one occasion, and we have had to consider what we have is enough
It is not something that you come to over night but when the going gets tough and you see you do have a roof over your head, clothes and a fire to keep you warm, basic food in the cupboards and a loving family, you soon see the blessing in that. They are all things to be grateful for.

It is making what we do have matter and be enough, that has made me go back to all the home-making ideas I know

As well as sorting the house to a reasonable state of tidiness!! (cleaning will be tomorrow) I have darned a large hole in my husbands work jumper, baking four things for lunches and ironed all the clothes for work/college tomorrow.

I used to get frustrated that this all ended up on a Sunday, my "day of rest", but it certainly saved all the hassles of the Monday morning back to work and school,over the years as everything was ready so I have resigned to it and count Fridays as my day!!

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