Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking Time to Rest

With all that has been going on over the last few weeks and indeed over this year, I was watching for myself, to make sure I did not end up having a break down as I had five years ago when things like this had happened before. I had learnt from last time that I needed to check for panic attacks, my eating habits and many more things but above all, I needed to look after myself. I had ended up very sick and in a mental health hospital last time, then stayed with friends as I recovered which took ten days, so this time as a prevention, I was encouraged to have some time out for me.
And what an amazing time I had.
I went to the Titoki Healing Centre and was truly blessed. For me I had let the things that are important for me lapse, one being my Bible reading and study. At this retreat I was thoroughly looked after in a caring Christian environment for three days and nights and was able do all I needed and read, sleep and relax.
I also felt encouraged that all I see myself as being ( a wife, mother, grandmother and woman to share with others all the knowledge in these areas) is what God wants me to be and do.
So for you if you are a wife, mother or grandmother than please remember to look after yourself. To do you job properly you need to be nurtured and filled first otherwise you will be of little use for others and so unable to give out to those you love.

I was reminded of the things I enjoy as pampering just me and I encourage you to think about some things for you and buy or put into action what they are.

Examples of what I have on my "list" are:
Lavender body products e.g. Talc, soap and body creams.
Lady Grey tea and a ginger nut first thing in the morning.
A journal to write my thoughts.
A daily walk even if it is just to post a letter.
Time to sit in the sun (or by the fire) with no thoughts of the demands or having to make conversation.
A time slot in the day/week (you will know what amount of time that realistically can be) to do what you love, e.g. reading, writing, drawing, a craft.
A treat just for you (mine is Rose Turkish Delight and I ask my family to give me boxes as gifts)

And remember this is not being selfish or self centered. If you don't look after yourself, who else is? Don't wait for the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, use the harness to get yourself down safely.

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