Sunday, November 8, 2009

When things are tough and you need food quick

We have had a crisis the last few days. My husband has a mental illness of depression. This has been under control for the last few years with medication, acceptance, a job with less expectations and new tactics to manage the illness when it starts to make its presence known. Unfortunately my husband felt he could go with out his medication with out telling anyone and thinking he could manage it on his own. But this was not successful and the depression kicked in and he took an overdose last Thursday. This has been a major time of disruption, confusion and stress for the rest of the family both at home and for those living away now.

I have been traveling the 50 or so kms to visit him and some members of family while the younger teenagers have wanted to stay at home.

Mental illness is hard to understand even when you live with it in the family and we all accept and relate to it in our own ways. It is a part of us as a family so we can not sweep it under the mat or hide from it.

Today I came home from being away for 24 hours and I saw we needed something nutritious, filling and quick to make up for the picky feeding the teenagers had eaten while I was away. I was also extremely emotionally and physically tired.
Opening the cupboard I could see a can of baked beans. That was the fibre and protein we needed. I gathered some fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden, some flavourings from the cupboard and produced the quick meal below that was quiet delicious!!!

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