Friday, January 21, 2011

Enjoy Your day

When I was in the Henry Bennett Centre because of a breakdown a good few years ago now, among many things, I was given a card.

It felt a bit hard to be what it said “Be a Joy Germ”.
I mean how could I when I was feeling the way I was.

But when you turn the card over it gave you “six of the Best”

Today, what was the best thing... 
  1. I saw 
  2. I ate 
  3. I received
  4. I did for me 
  5. I did for someone else 
  6. I found funny

Even answering those questions wasn’t that easy on the first few days but as I thought about it through the day I was able to look out for them and then I found I was able to smile a bit when I discovered the little gems I would use to answer the questions.

I would look out for something beautiful to see, yummy to taste, gestures or words of encouragement from others, little things I could do for others in a smile, hug etc, and try to remember what had made me smile or laugh.

But above all I discovered things I could do for me as I had always given out to others and I missed out.
This is something I continually have to remind myself of.

If I don’t look after myself I will be of no earthly good for others.

So Be a Joy Germ

Looking towards the Kaimai Ranges from Tirau

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  1. That card is so good. It can help you change your thinking to a positive pattern ... and the wording is gently.

    Thanks for sharing Fiona!