Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry

My husband has just had a birthday. He still likes to tell everyone he is 21 but if you add about 36 years you are more likely to know his true age.
So to celebrate we went out to the local restaurant we have been to a few times before, right here in Tirau.

The Settlers Inn

Harry likes it as he can order a seafood platter - his favourite, even if it means taking home a "doggy bag" at the end.

This time Katrina, who came with us, ordered a half portion of the same meal while I stuck to my usual favourite - a chicken meal of some kind - chicken schnitzel.

While Harry went out for an after meal smoke, he did not know that I had chattered with the waiter and mentioned it was his birthday.

Once he was back and we were discussing deserts of which I always make room to order, the chef arrived with this. We sung a quick "happy birthday" and he blew out his candle.

Needless to say he is not a dessert eater and doesn't like cheese cake so I ate that and he had the ice cream.

Happy Birthday Harry 18th January 2011
So all in all it was a good meal and night out even if Daniel decided not to come, and I have added to The Settlers Inn facebook page "like".

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  1. Happy birthday Harry. Keep going- you'll catch up to me soon. Cheesecake, yum, my favourite! Maa.