Saturday, June 9, 2012

Banquo's Son

I have just finished reading Banquo's Son which I have now discovered is book one in a trilogy, the third book due out in April 2013.

Ever wonder what happened to Fleance at the end of Macbeth? The little known Shakespearean bit part of Fleance, fleetingly seen like the flea his name suggests in Act 3, scene V of 'the Scottish play,' last appeared as a mere stage direction after his father's despicable murder.
Banquo: O treachery! Fly good Fleance, fly, fly, fly! Thou may'st avenge.

Dies. (Fleance escapes) 

Banquo's Son catches up with Fleance 10 years after escaping from his father's murderers. How do you choose between love and honour? Fleance, now a comely 21-year old son of Scottish thane Banquo has been living rough in the words of northern England since he escaped on that fateful night ten years ago when his father was brutally murdered. He lives with his adoptive parents in the relative safety of England. He has never told anyone who he is because he has yet to discover who wanted him dead but he has learnt things - how to survive, how to use a cross bow, how not to trust anyone, but also how to love. Fleance is haunted by his father's restless ghost crying out for vengeance. But before he can truly give himself to the beautiful Rosie, Fleance must avenge the murder of his father and claim what is rightfully his.
Naturally, Fleance embarks on a quest across the border getting caught up in events both beyond and within his control. Fleance's object is to be free of his father's ghost, but his heart's desire is to be with Rose. Through good luck or chance Fleance journeys to Scotland and meets the charismatic Duncan, 22-years-old and next in line to the throne. The two men are opposites - Fleance dark and mysterious, Duncan fair and open. We also meet Duncan's sister Rachel, beautiful and royal and at the same time a gentle foil to Rosie's passionate nature. With the throne of Scotland waiting to be claimed the choices facing Fleance will change his life forever while the secrets from his past threaten to bring down the throne of Scotland.
An epic tale of love, loss and revenge set amidst the turmoil of Scotland after Macbeth.

 T.K. Roxborogh lives in Dunedin, New Zealand, and has been an English and Drama teacher since 1989. She is the author of over 20 published works across a range of genres. She teaches at a secondary school, writes at every opportunity and, with her husband, runs around after two teenage daughters and two border collies.
BANQUO’S SON was published to great acclaim in New Zealand by Penguin NZ:

In 2009, debuted at number three on the adult best sellers’ list in New Zealand and then enjoyed six weeks on the list.

Was awarded the inaugural YA Award for 2010 from LIANZA (Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa).

Was awarded a Notable Book Award for 2010 by the Storylines Children’s Literature Foundation of New Zealand.

Was nominated for the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Award 2010 in the Young Adult category.

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