Friday, November 2, 2012

Yates Vegie Growing Challenge - Part 2

As in a previous post I mentioned I had joined the Yates Vegie Growing Challenge. The entries have closed now so its on to getting things growing and completed.

And so to get into the digging of the garden. The first meter was pretty easy as it was an area that had been used the year before for an unsuccessful garden and it wasn't too densely overgrown.

The surprise with all that was the discovery of some carrots still growing. Some had gone to seed but the rest were edible and we have eaten most of them now.

No sooner had I started digging over the new turf, the hens decided this was an easy way to get in and scratch for bugs, worms and seeds.

Sure this is a great way to keep the weeds down and the bugs away but its not good when you are planting out seeds and new seedlings.

But I'm determined to get the gardens going again this season.

Somewhere there was a netting frame Harry had made up one year and this was going to be the solution to seed planting until the plants were established.

I found this and proceeded to plant out carrots, radishes, beetroot, parsnips and dwarf beans, both butter and green.
It seemed to be a race as to who was going to get there first; the hens or me with the netting cover.

Fortunately it was me so they are all safely underneath.

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  1. Your garden's looking good. I hope you win the battle with the hens.