Tuesday, October 30, 2012



galosh (plural galoshes)
  1. (UK) A waterproof overshoe used to provide protection from rain or snow.
  2. (US) A waterproof rubber boot, intended to be worn in wet or muddy conditions.
I have bought myself some new gumboots, and yes they are purple.
"What else did you expect?"  - I say this to those of you who truly know me!

Well needless to say I needed them. My current pair of gumboots have been used for many years and although the soles are still in good condition the lining and outer rubber of the upper part of the boot have seen the worse for wear.
I like to wear slippers inside and not trudge in dirt etc from outside when I have been outside.
We have free range hens and one can often accidentally step in one of their 'deposits' and if you wear you shoes outside and then come in with them and not change into your slippers you leave a smudgy trail through the house.

But sometimes I just want to quickly slip something on my feet, when I am popping outside, but not necessarily gumboots and I have often thought of getting a pair of galoshes.
Now I know that some of my cherubs would laugh at me if I had some and yes I am sometimes swayed by their opinion or what they say.
However when it came to discarding the old gumboots after obtaining my nice shiny new ones I thought of the idea of cutting down the parts that had split and turning them into galoshes.
It was actually a bit harder than I had thought as the scissors I had weren't strong enough so Harry got some clippers from his garage and cut them down for me.
Unfortunately he suddenly thought of the pull on tag at the back like the picture on the top left after he had cut down one boot so didn't do the other but if you try this yourselves you will see that with some boots there is a bit of a seam at the back and cutting out a 'tag' shape will give you a strong flap.
With these golashes I am going to try and re glue part of the lining back into place on the insides.

Needless to say I am pleased with the result and am sure they will be handy for things like feeding the hens, empty the rubbish into the garbage can or rushing out to bring in washing when it starts to rain.

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