Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Ta - Da"

A few ladies from our church started an "Aunty Pearls" group a couple of years ago. They are the Three Duchesses and they organise activities/outings for ladies (mainly from our church but others are invited to join us) over 50 who are interested in what is organised.
It is not a regular event as it depends on what activity may be coming up in the local communities. 
The one condition is that we have to wear our pearls.

This week we had a get together that was a High Tea type morning tea and a hilarious video.

Its a time of being women together and enjoying each others company, news and laughter.

One of the ladies had just come back from a winning trip overseas to Argentina and shared some sweet "treats" that were available over there.

Theses were a light wafer type biscuit sandwiched with a caramel filling and then coated in dark chocolate. They were each individually wrapped in a foil wrapper. Although quite sweet they were rather light and lovely!

At the end of the morning the hostess gave each of us a beautiful gift that she had made. They were packaged in a pyramid type gift box and inside were, a card saying "A Woman of Inner Beauty - Proverbs 31:31" a little envelope of sweet peas seeds, and a small box with three homemade chocolates in it. All the gifts were hand made by her including the gift box.


The video was

 ”Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Have I got news For You”.
 A-Z Faithlift for your sagging Self Esteem 
 By Liz Curtis-Higgs

I have never laughed so much in a short space of time. 

Liz encouraged us to see ourselves as God sees us and that tomorrow morning when we have woken, showered, dressed and put on makeup that we look in the mirror and raise our hands with a "Ta -Da" moment rather than staring at all the bits we don't like. 

When I woke this morning I did as she said and looked in the mirror saying "Ta-Da' .

And do you know that I actually saw a woman with a beautiful smile smiling back at me.
I was affirmed that I am a Woman of God, wife, Mother, Nana, daughter, sister, Aunt and the person that some people may be the only one they see with a smile this day so I went out making sure I smiled at all who caught my eye today.


  1. What a fun event! Glad you're wearing a smile today!

  2. You forgot to add 'friend' to many. What a lovely day you had. Hugs Sue