Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthdays with Friends

Shona and Jan the birthday girls
Harry and I joined two ladies, and some friends from church, as they celebrated their birthdays.
We tend to be a group of people who really enjoy doing things together and as most of us no longer have children at home 'going out' is now just for us to have fun.

First we went ten ball bowling and I managed to be last in both games in the team I was in.

That's OK someone has too. 

But it was so interesting to see the way some acted as they willed the bowl to knock down the pins!! or maybe if it missed make faces!

Harry choosing the 'special' bowl
Harry checking the right spot

Harry found that he did better with out his glasses and that there was one bowl that seemed to be a lucky one for him. So by the end of the evening he won his second game in the team he was in.

After the games we went for dinner at Restaurant on Alma, part of the whole Novotel complex.

Restaurant on Alma offers ... beautiful A la carte dining in the evening. Under new management since July 2011 when the “New Zealand Service Professional of the Year 2011″ winner, Manu Rosier, joined the team as Restaurant Manager! Restaurant on Alma is located on the ground floor of Novotel Tainui Hamilton.

Sesame & Garlic Prawns

Harry chose an Entree

Sesame & Garlic Prawns, served with
avocado & lime puree, pistachio & pine
nut crumbs and micro spring onions

Steak Frites

and for a mains 

Steak Frites, 200g Savannah rump steak with 
shoestring fries & watercress, finished with
caramelized onion aioli

Chicken Breast

I chose a mains (I had already eaten a bit of the broccoli before I took the pic)

Healthy Options

Chicken Breast with mushroom & Parmesan cheese 

risotto cake, steamed broccoli, spinach puree & lemon oil

And then for dessert!!!

Rhubarb Eaton Mess
Oh so delicious

Rhubarb Eaton Mess vanilla poached rhubarb 
with strawberry coulis & almonds

All and all a thoroughly great night out with very good food and friends.

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