Friday, July 26, 2013

Little Boy Blue

Here is my latest completed knitting project.

It is a small boys hooded jacket, knitted in 8 ply wool in a double moss stitch through out. I used Shepherd Very Crafty 8 ply in mid blue.
Sure it looks nice when it is finished but it did take a lot longer to knit than I had thought.
I have made it longer than the pattern as Jacob (our grandchild who it is for) has a longer body size for his age. Another good thing is, the folded up sleeves mean it will last a bit longer as he grows i.e. next winter.
I have also crocheted a row of double crochet around the hood to keep it strong/in shape which the pattern didn't call for.

Its from a collection of patterns I have built up over the years and this one was from an old copy of the English Woman's Weekly.
I have bought this magazine off and on for years as it has a great selection of crafts, recipes and wholesome stories and none of the celebrity gossip that other magazines seem to be fill of.

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