Tuesday, June 24, 2014

McVan Lent Tartan

My Dad loves a cup of tea.
But he hates tea bags.
He has a two cup pottery teapot that he uses and a very large selections of Twinings teas. He has his favourites but he still has the occasional others.

His teapot cosy was wearing thin and needed a good wash so I thought I would make him a new one to have as a spare.

While In Wellington visiting them and our grandchild I found some wool and started to make a cosy to fit.
I wanted to make a tartan as Dad has Scottish ancestry and loves his tartans.
I didn't follow any particular clan and could only use the wool I had found.

I started doing just stripes and then stitched vertical strips to hopefully add thickness and so insulation.
Some how I had the idea of a tartan wrong so it didn't quite work.
Anyway it serves as a tea cosy which was the main idea.

When I stayed the second time Dad seemed quite chuffed with the cosy and called it his McVan Lent tartan.

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