Thursday, August 17, 2017

Here we are again ...

Goodness once again I have let the things that I like to do fall by the way.

Today we have been busy going to WINZ to re-apply for the sickness benefit for Harry at an 8.30am! appointment. We slept in so only got there four minutes late. Fortunately they weren't quiet ready for us either. It all went well and was able to be back in time for me to get to work only a few minutes late.

After work I was home and caught up on some house work and got some washing out. Even though it rained, most of it was almost dry before the rain fell and its now over the old wooden drying rack by the wood burner.

I have spent some time reading a ladies blog and was motivated to get back to my own.
I know different people all around the world read it and either try a recipe, smile over some of my comments or generally keep up to-date with my goings on. (I will try to be more active with it.)

The other day I was travelling to Hamilton for a course I go to and every second Tuesday I call on Sarah and the family for the afternoon and tea before hand which has been really great. This particular day I was intrigued by the mixture of clouds above as if the weather wasn't quite sure what to do.

I found myself almost feeling the same.

Life has been different for us over the last year (yes its been a year) since Harry left work on the advice of his doctor because of the way he was being treated. We have had to change the things we do and cut down on spending and we manage, but I have also found that my life and what is important has changed as well.

Its hard to explain what I mean by this but I find myself really wanting to have a simple life in all things. The feeling of cherishing the people and things that are important in life rather than the superfluous things. I don't want to do or be involved in unnecessary time wasting activities, to enjoy the things I have rather than strive to gain something I think I need because others have it and just slow down and notice what is around me.

I stopped and took the pic of the clouds and smiled as I thought about what it was reminding me of. I find that God often speaks to me from the clouds. I know that may seem odd but I find looking up, so I am not affected by 'stuff' that is going on around me, I can fade it all out and just focus on God and He speaks to me - or maybe it's that I then hear what He is saying.

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