Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mittens and Hood

Sarah asked me to make a hood like one she had bought for Isla. Then she thought some mittens would be good too so I said you buy the wool and I'll do it. She ended up getting two different colours and this is the first set.

I didn't have a pattern for the hood so it took a lot of measuring and designing but eventually I came up with the design on the right. The hood Sarah had bought had long knitted ties that tied up under the chin but as she didn't really use them I thought  a buttoned strap would be quick and easy and able to keep the hood on.

I had a couple of patterns for mittens but only one with a 'thumb' so I made up the smallest size. Once made I could tell they would be too big (the ones in the bottom of the pic) so I adapted it to a smaller size and made a second pair thinking she could grow into the first pair.

Once I had them finished and gave then to her we found the first mittens fitted Sean and the other two wanted me to knit them a pair each with their choice of colours so the next few days will be knitting days.

I am half way through a second hood for Isla and the mittens in a lovely lavender colour, but being small they don't take long and with the pending rainy cold weather coming on it will be good days for me inside knitting.

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