Friday, October 8, 2010

Climber Stumps Council

Well that's the title of the news item as shown on Television New Zealand on September the 17th.

Tree Climber Stumps Council
Hawera council is perplexed about how someone managed to scale a 30 metre tree and cap it with a road cone.
The addition to the century-old Norfolk Pine in the Taranaki town's park was first noticed last weekend, drawing both amused and shocked reactions.
"I can't believe that they even got up there to be quite honest," said Dave Bruce from South Taranaki district council.
"It's a dangerous thing for somebody to do. Up at that extreme of the tree it's very weak, there's no real structure there," he added.
With nobody at the council prepared to climb the tree and fears the cost of removal could reach into the thousands of dollars, arborists from New Plymouth were called in to help.
The council now plans to prune the tree's lower branches in a bid to prevent the situation from happening again.
So I can tell you that is not so odd.
We have a naive tree down the road and it too has a cone at the top.

And I can tell you I know how it got up there and 'he' has no intention in going up to retrieve it as he considers it quite a feat to be savoured.

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  1. Haha! Give him some tinsel at Christmas time.