Sunday, October 17, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

Yesterday Harry and I went to a dears freinds 60th birthday party.She is a person who loves to party and with a gift of friendship loves to have people around.
She had a themed party of a night at the Oscars.
The invitation said

"Come and walk the red carpet with me, 
as I celebrate my 60th Birthday 
with a night of fun and dancing!
Search you wardrobe or the local opshop 
for the most glitzy, over-the-top Oscars outfit you can find."

So with the help of a few others we did.
Harry's outfit was all from his wardrobe except the glittery grey hat (The $2 Shop) and my dress was a friends daughters ball gown, the shoes, fur jacket and beads were mine and the feather boa was from a bag of 'dress-ups'

A night of fun, laughter and dancing was had with light refreshments being served through out the night.
Every now and again the dancing was interrupted by the announcement of Oscar winners.
The fourth category was

"Best female actress in a leading role"
  • "For her outstanding role as a dedicated office worker with a devotion to, above and beyond the call of duty; her computer"
  • This award goes to...Fiona ... for her role in "Facebook 9 to 5"

Best Female Actress in a Leading Role
All I can say, is I hope I thanked all I was supposed to!!!
If I had known this was going to happen I would have prepared a script. I know, I know, its the excuse they all make but I would have made up a short funny reply and thank you speech. It just got me on the surprise but a whole lot of fun.

It was a truly lovely evening and we realised we just don't, as mainly church friends, have enough good times even if for no reason at all.

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