Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Gift From God

I have been struggling with my eyesight.
When I was about three I had operations on the inside of my eyes where the muscles were shifted around to help a squint. I also have poor focus and have three different lens for different distances. I am finding that even reading small print is hard. I have been to the doctor and asked for a referral to an eye specialist and received a letter from the hospital today that I am on the waiting list but it will be about 6 months before I will be seen.

A couple of months ago a bible was left in a pew. It is brand new and really quite beautiful as its cover is leather and zips up to form a case around it.
I have advertised it in the church notices and via email and the vicar has announced its find in church.
No one has claimed or or said they had lost a bible and it has sat on the office counter for a few months now.

I had a busy day yesterday with errands etc and was feeling really tired so I prayed the Jabez prayer focusing on God helping me in my work.

As I was about to finish for the day and the Vicar was leaving the office he picked up the bible and said "Has no-one claimed this bible?"
"No", I replied.
"Do you want it?" he asked.
"I do love the big print and the cover is beautiful" I responded.
"Well you take it" he said," and if anyone asks we'll just buy another one".
I thanked him and felt so blessed. I have looked at it numerous times and thought "How come no-one has missed it"

The Bible zipped up
Now I am wondering if someone just bought it and left it there.
Why else would a brand new bible with no name or bookmarks inside it would be left behind and the person who bought it not miss it?Maybe God told someone to do just that as He knew who was going to have it.
All I know is that I am very thankful and feel it is a gift from God. It was like He knows how hard I work in the office and that I sometimes struggle to read the small print of my bible. He wanted to bless me for what I do and I felt like He was saying "I see what you do".
That day I finished on time too with everything done.

God had helped me in my work.

Cover opened showing markings to books down the side


  1. A lovely surprise for you and you so do deserve it. Someone knew were struggling to read yours so wanted you to have this. Maybe they thought you might refuse it if they offered it to you.
    Good luck with the outcome of having those eyes fixed. I hope something can be done for you-and quickly too!

  2. Thanks if you look at the photo in the "and the Oscar goes to..." post you will see how the eye just sits in the far corner of the eye socket.