Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today has been a funny sort of day.
It was very quiet at work and I am feeling a little lazy. Actually more just slowing down a bit and pottering.

A bit of weeding here, some filing there, that sort of thing.

On Monday I got a box of clothes given to me (well I was able to choose them myself) from a freinds' mum's wardrobe as they were cleaning it out after her passing, a few weeks ago.
Of course I am one for always putting things out if you get new things in. Now these are not new clothes just new to me.
I sorted some clothes that needed to go as they are stained or wearing thin. They are not really any use to anyone else so they will go in the clothing bin, but before they go I snip off all the buttons.

It's always handy to have some for when I have knitted something or a button needs sewing on somewhere.
As a child I use to play with the buttons in my granny's and mothers button tins and it was great fun sorting them into piles of the same sort of colours sizes etc. I have sorted my buttons into little plastic bags so my grandchildren wouldn't have as much fun with mine but the idea of keeping them has certainly come from my grandmother.
Maybe I need to not be so organized so they can experience that fun too.

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