Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Glut of Plums

As it says we have had more than enough plums off our tree this year.
Jennifer picked bags of them before we went south thinking that there would be none left when we got back, as the birds love to feed on them.
They weren't really ripe then but they still could be made into jams etc.
I froze the ones she had picked for me and I will use at a later time.

How ever on our return the tree was still dripping in ripe plums and the ground beneath carpeted with the falls either from the wind or birds breaking them off.

So I have been busy preserving and making jams etc from them.

But still they are on the tree.
This morning I picked another 3 kilograms and will do some more preserved, as some years we can't get anything. Sometimes if there is a lot of rain in the warmer weather they seem to swell and burst.

I will leave the rest for the birds as they will eat and be merry (they are starting to ferment) and they actually clean them all up off the ground just leaving the stones behind.

So my next few posts will be of the recipes I have for plums!!

 Plum Sauce
 Plum Jam
 Plum Gumbo
 Plum Butter
 Plums Poached in Spiced Brandy
 Plum Chutney

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