Friday, January 27, 2012

What Good is God?

Philip Yancey has written many Christian books  to encourage and challenge you on your Christian walk. 
Philip Yancey

This book "What Good Is God?" is a collection of sermons he has used at different places around the world when asked to speak after or during some major devastating events. Each time he gives some insight as to the love and meaning of God in the situation and for those listening. He is challenged to bring the right message for those who are gathered to hear him.

Philip explains:

In this book I tackle perhaps the most basic faith question of all: What good is God?  It’s a universal question which I put to the test in ten places on four different continents.  Although the book addresses issues of faith, it does so in real-world settings, not abstractly.  In my travels I have found a deep longing in almost everyone: the desire for change, the hope that somehow God can wrest permanent good out of this flawed planet and us its flawed inhabitants.  Dare we entertain such a hope?  This book is my attempt to answer the question.  First, as a journalist, I search for a faith that matters.  Then the tables get turned and I’m the one who has to speak to an audience hungry for answers.  And now you, the readers, join that audience.

It is a book that can be picked up and put down and read just a chapter at a time as the stories are all individual in them selves.

I didn't find it a book that had me racing to read but it was of an encouragement

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