Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Walk Along The Beach

For the two mornings while we were in Kaikoura I would get up for a walk along the beach before breakfast.

There was something special about getting out there in the morning and with so many new things to see there was no hesitation to do so. I was out for an hour and Harry was almost going to send out a search party as I had been gone for so long - but it was more the stopping to take photos rather than the distance I had walked!

I walked beside the road side on the way out to warm up as walking on the beach is a little harder on the legs.

Notices were all along the beach line to discourage motor homes and campers from stopping over night on the grassy banks.

There was this big old chair so I sat for a moment and took a snap of the view from it.

Then there was an Asian tourist fascinated by the fact that he could hand feed the scavenger seagulls on cold chips.

There were lots of plants and flowers on long the way.

 The New Zealand Christmas tree (Pohutukawa)

If anyone knows what this little pink flowered plant is I would love to know. It was growing like a weed.

Each day I would walk back along the beach. It was more pebbles than sand and the tide was coming in at that time of the morning.

On the first morning I could see a flock of seagulls quite busy in a spot below some beached seaweed.

As I watched it was fascinating to see them feeding off what ever it was that was exposed once the wave went out to the extent that, when the next wave came in they were often knocked off guard.

The incoming waves didn't even scare them off and at times some were quite showered with the breaking wave

I couldn't see what they were eating but I imagine it was little sea bugs or something in the sand.

As the waves came in my footprints were being washing away so no-one would know I had been there. It meant that for each new change of the tide one could feel like you were the first person to walk along the shore.

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