Friday, January 13, 2012

Crossing the Cook Strait

On the Thursday morning the alarm went off at 5.30am!
Wellington docks from Tinakori Hill

We were up and ready (a little longer for Katrina) and traveled down to the ferry terminal as the sun tried to poke through the clouds.
I was glad of the sea sickness tablets as the sea looked like it was going to be a rough cross from the North to the South Island.

Lining up with the other vehicles I suddenly thought I would need my jacket as you are not allowed to go back to the vehicle once the ship is moving and it felt cold, but alas it was nowhere to be seen, I had left it at my brothers. Fortunately Harry had two so I used one of his.

By 7.00am we were all boarded and the ship was on its way. Even in the harbour it was rough with a swell but the sun tried desperately to shine through.

Heading out of Wellington Harbour

Once we had left the safety of the harbour and into Cook Strait I decided enough was enough for me and it was time to head in for a coffee and get some reading done.

Not before I took a quick (that's why it is blurry) photo of the InterIsland ferry that was following us all the way. Theresa and Steven were on it and were coming with us on the drive to Kaikoura. And the reason for this pic, you can see a plane in the top left corner as well!!

After about two hours we were entering the Marlborough Sounds, the sun had come out and the sea was beginning to calm down.
I ventureed on deck and found Harry sheltered from the wind and near one of the generator vents so it was warm.

Entering the Marlborough sounds
Harry in the warmth of the sun

And sure enough there was the InterIslander following close behind but not able to pass due to the restrictions of traffic flow in the sounds.

 The sounds are quite beautiful and many people boat, fish and find little bays to rest in.

And then you come around a bend and see Picton ahead so the journey is nearly finished.

Suddenly there is a hive of industry on the deck as the deckhands start preparing for docking.

As we approach the docks the loud speaker system starts up and we are given instructions as to the pattern for departing the ship.

Note the green of the hills in the background

Before long we are heading down below and getting into the waiting vehicles.

Waiting in the Isuzu
But to be quite honest I was a little concerning as to who was going to be moving first - us or the trucks and in which direction!

These trucks are just meters away from us

But it is all a three-times-a-day process for the shipping company and before long we are all off and on our way.

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