Monday, January 2, 2012

Old Calenders

When you change your calenders and you are left with the ones that  'fold over' after each month instead of ripping the page off, I have often thought, "what can I do with these?"

If they are big, sometimes teachers will use them in the classroom for stories etc so check with your loacl school or preschool. They also may like the pictures if the are appropriate.

I have also found a very useful idea for the wire binding.

The easiest way to remove the wire from the calender is simply to tear off the pages a couple at at time.

When it comes to the last pages the wire will tend to stretch as you tear off the pages. That is fine, as it is the whole idea!

The wire can then be crunched up into a ball, but not too tight as you will need gaps for flower stalks. You now have a mess of wire that when placed in a container for flower arranging, that you may not normally use, you can be sure of having control of the arrangement.

Here is an idea of using a large wine glass. You can see what I mean as the daisies would have just fallen over the edges of the glass but with the wire they will stay in place.

Make sure you dry the wires after each use so they don't rust. How ever they can be replaced next year!!

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